Aus emerged from the chaos and looked upon the world doing battle with itself.

Seeing this chaos, he began to order a world.

He placed the earth, and the sky, and the stars, and all the living things, and then he was tired, for he had worked for a year and a day.

Aus slept, and as he slept, all the chaos beyond his creation ate it away.

Aus awoke, and he saw his world gone. This greatly saddened Aus, and he shed (X) tears.

As each tear touched the chaos, a god was born from it. Each God was Aus sadness for a part of what was lost.

Together, they remade the world, not after a year and a day, but in an instant.

They walked across the world, and they took joy from all the living things, and taught them their secrets

Then, they slept, for they had taught for a year and a day.

And as they slept, all the chaos beyond their creation ate it away.

When they woke, sadness was no longer theirs. In anger at all that was lost, they made an August Engine to push back the chaos and keep the world from chaos.

The each put a piece of themselves into the Engine, and it burned with divine might.

But they made too well, or so they found, as the Engine pushed back all which contained Chaos, and the gods, born directly of Chaos, had to choose.

They could break the engine and stay in their world.

Or they could leave their world, and the engine to protect it.

And so the Gods left, their newborn creation watched over by the August Engine.

Five Thousand Years passed, as Chaos strained outside the skin of the world to find a way in and devour all that stands. A few walked through the skin of the world, and they were sent back, changed. A few of the many forms of chaos found their own way in, and the world was beset by monsters. But known to none, it need not have bothered.

The August Engine would fail. It burned with the anger and fire of the gods, but anger fades, and fire gutters.

Chaos develops order, attacks device, fails mostly
breaks hole that allows various elemental bits through
one city left, protected by Mecha essence


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